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Alvaro Jaramillo


This is a difficult angle, but this looks like a juvenile Red-shouldered
Hawk to me. If you want to hang your hat on a specific mark, the Cooper's
and Sharp-shinned do not have markings on their undertail coverts like in
your bird. Also your individual shows a good reddish wash to the shoulders,
and underwings, and a rather big and heavy head.


Alvaro Jaramillo


Half Moon Bay, California

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Hi everyone,

I'm a lurker here and really enjoy the reports and sometimes even go
and try and locate what you amazing birders see. I call myself a
lapsed birder but occasionally get out and actually go birding.

Anywhoo, my question is this. I saw a different hawk in our
Monterey pines last week and took a picture as it was taking off. I
identified it as a Cooper's Hawk but a friend's husband thought it
was a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Would you mind going to my page
and identify it for me??

Dan Harper
lurker extraordinaire
we live across I-280 from Bernal Heights <>

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