Luke Cole Challenge - Marin to SF

Eddie Bartley

From a rather hot Hawk Hill perch Noreen and I watched a few uncommon
species travel into SF air space and eventually to SF land over a couple of
hours yesterday. About 20 - 30 BLACK SWIFTS continued on mixed in with many
hundreds of Vaux's. Followed one OSPREY over the gate along with many
accipiters and Red-tails. Picked up on a MERLIN coming from Mt. Tam as it
flew at break neck speed over Alcatraz then hit land at Aquatic Park
flapping like mad the whole time. Several large flocks of Band-tails made
the passage. A PEREGRINE FALCON perched on the north tower. The only other
uncommon birds were several BROAD-WINGED HAWKS none of which were witnessed
by us to make the crossing. We spent a couple of hours on the slopes of Mt.
Tam trying for Spotted Owl but dipped on that.

Don't know whether that helps the SF list for the challenge or not but this
was our two cents.

Happy Trails!

Eddie Bartley

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