Alan Hopkins

The Northern Parula was still on Strawberry Hill this morning, there may be two. While I was there looking through the flock I was attacked by a Scrub Jay. First the bird landed on my camera when I was trying to take a photo (how cute) then I was looking through my binoculars at a warbler and it flew right at my face. I don't know if it was going to land on my hand or what, but I really don't like a jay flying straight at my eyes! Let's throw another peanut to the little #%*!!

Then I visited Bay View Hill, it was very quiet.

I decided to check Candlestick State Park. In the area that used to have Burrowing Owl habitat and the David Ireland sculpture, the have done a marvelous thing! They have recreated an exact replica of the surface of the moon, craters and all! I am not sure what animal could use this barren place, maybe a vagrant Lunar Longspur, but the state could rent out the site for Fi-fi movies, or maybe sell tickets to conspiracy theorists who want to see where the lander actually landed.

Then I checked Heron's Head or tried, I discovered that my binoculars were broken so I gave up!

Oh yea, there were four quail in the park under the oaks between the ball field and the handball courts near a sign that read "Erosion Control" also a dozen Mourning Doves were in the same spot.

Have a nice day!

Alan Hopkins

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