Red-throated Pipt call notes

Alvaro Jaramillo


As I mentioned earlier today on sfbirds, I did get some recordings of
flight calls of the Red-throated Pipits at Crissy Field, SF. These calls are
often talked about, and referred to as the easiest way to detect this
species when flying over. However, they are not readily available in CDs of
North American birds. To help birders get better acquainted with the call, I
have posted three flight calls on xeno-canto. This is a website where one
can share bird voices for the Americas, in case you have not heard about it.
The first link is the one specifically for the RT pipits, the second the
general one to the site.

Some details about the recording - there are three calls. They are from
separate recordings and I cut and pasted them on a single sound file. After
the first flight call, you may hear a double pit-tit, that is a call of a
Lapland Longspur. In general the Red-throated Pipit flight call can be
described as a descending, sneezy, buzzy note. The buzz and way it descends
is characteristic.

This page in xeno-canto provides a sonogram of the call, and other goodies!
If this is your first foray into xeno-canto.enjoy.

Good birding, and good pipit finding.


Alvaro Jaramillo


Half Moon Bay, California

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