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Alvaro Jaramillo

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Don't tell my San Mateo friends that I left the county! Actually, I
had a meeting in SF today and I was hoping that the pipits would hang on
long enough for me to get to see them, and I did. Three was the number I saw
as well today, I left at noon. Two were together, and the third was hanging
out with the Lapland Longspur. The only thing to add is that at about 1115
or so I saw a flock of 15 high flying Cackling Geese go over towards the
Northeast. They were silent. Looking at them in the scope, they structurally
looked like Aleutians..but I realize that this may be more detail than the
observation allowed for.

I did get some recordings of the flight call of the RT pipits. If I have
spare time later, I will post them somewhere as this call note is much
talked about in the bird ID circles, but not an easy one to get on
commercial tapes and the like.


Alvaro Jaramillo


Half Moon Bay, California

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Sorry for the late report:

This morning (until I left at 9:30) there were at least three RED-THROATED
PIPITS continuing at Crissy Field, primarily in the tall grass on either
side of the path in the northeast corner of the field, just west of the
tidal lagoon. This must be a big year for Red-throats, they collectively
comprised most of the Pipits I found in the field (I saw 1-2 Americans),
there could be more than 3 RTs but I saw three together at one point.

The LAPLAND LONGSPUR was along the path itself near the puddles, feeding in
the margin. No sign of the Vesper. Lots of dog action so the birds were
flying all over.


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