Re: West & East Wash, Sunday 8/24

Adam Winer

After an earlier miss in the fog, I came back this evening. Happily, the
Eastern Kingbird was still present at 6:45 PM at the top of the West Wash,
at times at close range just above the Battle of the Bulge Trail in
perfectly pristine, clear and sunny conditions. Great bird, thanks for
finding it!
-- Adam Winer

On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 6:13 PM, Laurie Graham <fair80@...> wrote:

After much discussion about what to do today, members of the birding
group Miss Otis Egrets decided to go to Lake Merced and Land's End. I
will post the entire list later, when I have had time to put it into
eBird, but wanted to report our Bird of The Day.

Lake Merced was really quiet. We weren't there for very long when we
decided to head for Land's End, specifically East and West Washes. We
parked in the dead-end lot behind the Legion of Honour and headed down
El Camino Del Mar. Our first stop was at the end of the parking lot,
where there is a fairly new brush pile that was full of Pygmy
Nuthatches and a Winter Wren. We headed down the trail without getting
much of interest and complaining about the weather, as usual. Just
west of the intersection of ECDM and The trail to Mile Rock Beach, we
found a bird of interest. Ginny saw it first, then Jeff, then I.
Simultaneous ID questions popped up: Kingbird, Olive-sided Flycatcher,
it doesn't have olive sides, it isn't standing correctly, it's a
kingbird, it doesn't have any yellow... It's an Eastern Kingbird! This
took about 10 seconds. The light was dreadful, high overcast washing
everything out. The bird was high above us. We looked as much as we
could until we lost the bird, then I called the Birdbox.

We continued on our walk, west to the USS San Francisco Memorial, then
east along the Coastal Trail, to the East Wash. We walked up the path
where the Wrentit used to be, and met Alan Hopkins, and told him about
the EAKI. Don't know if he got it on his way home. We retrieved our
lunches from our vehicles and walked up the Battle of the Bulge Trail
to the Veterans' Hospital to sit at the picnic tables. At the top of
the path, I spotted Calvin Lou on the far side of the wash, who
gestured us over. There was the EAKI.

Apparently Dominik Mosur saw it and reported it about 15 minutes after
we did. The birders started coming out of the woodwork. Mark Eaton,
Andy Kleinhesselink, and Josiah Clarke showed up within a half hour.
The bird made a good show, and because we were now above it, it was
easier to see and confirm the ID.

Miss Otis Egrets, today's members:
Laurie Graham
Jeff Fairclough
Ginny Marshall
Rob Cullison
Norma Tannenbaum

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