Re: Summer Tanager& Indigo Bunting

Adam Winer

This morning at McLaren, I heard (but did not see) the Summer Tanager in the
willows above and south of the amphitheater. I left shortly to
(unsuccessfully) look for the Eastern Kingbird.
-- Adam Winer

On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 3:24 PM, Alan Hopkins <ash@...> wrote:

This morning there was a SUMMER TANAGER high in the Pines behind the Gerry
Garcia Amphitheater in McLaren Park. It appeared to be all red. I found the
bird while looking for a warbler that was either a Hermit x Townsend's
hybrid or a Black-throated Green Warbler. I only saw the warbler briefly, it
had a nearly all yellow face with a gray cap and an eye-line. The underparts
were white but I did not get a long enough look at the bird to see if it had
streaks. Also in McLaren were" 2 Western Tanagers, 1 Black-headed Grosbeak,
Hutton's Vireo, many Wilson's Warblers. There seemed to be more birds around
but after hearing about the Black Tern I left for Crissy Field.

I had no luck with the BLACK TERN or any other tern at the Presidio. At the
West end of Crissy Lagoon I did see a female INDIGO BUNTING (I'm sticking
with that guys) The bird I saw had fine streaks on a dull brown breast, the
wings had only faint wing-bars. I returned to photograph the bird when Mark
Eaton arrived and shortly after Adam Winer with two other birders, we found
a bunting but it was clearly a LAZULI BUNTING with a orange-buff wash across
the breast lacking any streaking at all. The wing-bars were noticeably more
pronounced than the Indigo as well. Also in the area were: Savannah Sparrow,
Common Yellowthroat, and the usual AM GO s. There was a small flock of Least
Sandpipers along the edge of the Lagoon.

Alan Hopkins


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