Birding in San Francisco

SFBirds is a mailing list hosted at for topics relating to birding in San Francisco proper. 

What are suitable posts for this list?

Please confine your posts to issues of relating to sighting and distribution of birds within San Francisco (City and county for pelagics/Farallones). Brief postings regarding events IN San Francisco of special interest to the SF Birding public are also on topic. Topics of general interest to the larger birding community (e.g. Ivory-billed Woodpecker status) are NOT on topic; please use a forum such as BirdChat to discuss these issues.

Where do I post issues pertaining to conservation of birds, habitat, and other wildlife in San Francisco?:

How do I post messages? 

Send an email to 

Please sign off your posts with First & Last Name and Location

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe, etc.?

Go to: 
You can then follow the instructions on how to add yourself to SFBirds.

Posts that offer intelligent, reasoned debate in a civil tone or argue a different point of view, but are respectful of the poster and the list as a whole, are welcomed. Posts that belittle, nitpick, ridicule, attack, or insult another poster and his/her ideas are unacceptable. Subscribers' expertise, both in SFBirds topics and in the use of the internet, varies widely. Show tolerance of posts by new subscribers and posts that are occasionally off-topic, poorly written, or not up to your personal standards. Be slow to take offense to a post. You may have misjudged the poster's meaning. Tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language--especially to convey humor-are absent in this forum! If you do take offense, allow yourself a cool-down period before you hit SEND. Even then, consider sending your message privately rather than to the list.

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