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Howdy Ya'll,
Tom Lawson visited the TFC and had some suggestions to the locomotive roster, so I had to revise all three pages. Then I accidentally deleted the first two pages and guess what, I did not have the final pages saved so I basically had to start over with photo placement. Photo placement will be different on the new pages: Some deleted, some added, some moved about. Part three has changes in the roster and some more photos added.

The changes have to do with TFC 101. They did not have a second 101. The 101 was semi retired in 1922 but brought back to business in 1924, even though they did not list her for two years. Seth Bramson's photo of 101 at the muck plant shows the early GC&L rectangular plate on the steam chest, later GC&L plates were round.
The junked engine photo I thought was 103 was instead 101, the same GC&L plate is seen plainly on the steam chest just like the 101's. The 103 would have a round SI&E plate on the boiler front. However the 101 has 103's tender.

Tom's other objection is on 101's builder's number. He says it should be A&WP second # 23 with c/n 4779. However the ICC in 1916 listed the boiler number as 4790, which supposedly was scrapped in 1897 as A&WP first 23. Any other views on this?


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