[southeastrrhistory] Filer & Stowell Locomotives

Donnie Hensley

Filer & Stowell is still in business (and for sale as the owner wants to retire), here is a link to their website and plans for an 0-6-0.
Might be possible they have sales records still available?

The photo is in Steam & Thunder in the Timber by Koch, but is listed as unknown location.
No record of this company in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina & Alabama records I have.
The second smaller cylinder is the steam brake, used for stopping the locomotive and hopefully the no brake logging cars behind it!
Have not seen a Filer & Stowell roster, nor have I seen a company in Florida or Georgia received one.
Southern Iron & Equipment, Georgia Car & Locomotive and Birmingham Rail & Locomotive never had one cross their path.
Very rare. 
Steam & Thunder had two photos, both by the company photographer, one showing the unknown location engine, the other an engine under construction back at the shops.


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Hi All,

Recently saw a photo of a Filer & Stowell loco built for a SF McCary. It was definitely in the SE due to the Longleaf Pines in the background.

Can anyone identify this logger and areas of operation? Does anyone have a list of F&S locos built & customers?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Allen Stanley
Greer, SC