[southeastforestindustrymodeling] Silver Springs & Western has been added to Taplines

Brian Cobble

On Feburary 22nd, 9 am in Talahassee, FL at the Doyle Conner Building, A special Ceremony is scheduled in Honor of a new Train Depot and Historic Marker (sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute & Society of Amercian Foresters)  that has been erected around the Old "Luraville Locomotive".  Park benches have been erected around the old train, and it has been polished a bit for the ceremony. The Lancaster family and others associated with the train recovery will be attending.
Information on the referenced Railroad locomotive is located here: 
I was wondering if the photos on the above website were copyrighted, and if so, Can the photos be used by the State of Florida  during the ceremony?
Brian Cobble

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Silver Springs & Western has been added to Taplines.
Next up will be the Rent Lumber Co. and Ocala Northern.

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