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Rick Perry

Thanks! I'll have to run down some crepe myrtle and give a good looksee. My grandmother had a bunch of 'em in her yard, so imagine there should be some still, tho' rather grown up after all these decades. I'll check this week.
If you would, would you posts those photos you mentioned so all on the list may see them?
Thank you,
Rick Perry

1a. Re: southern pines
Posted by: "Jim Buckner" bucknejim@... bucknej
Date: Sat Dec 15, 2007 4:18 pm ((PST))

Rick, I don't know if my message sent or not -- I wasn't through
editing it and it disappeared. Anyway, I use crepe myrtle. I look
for straight branches with tips that tend to point up. I probably
discard about 80% of the branches. There is a school near me that has
a LOT of crepe myrtles, and every spring they cut them back. One day
I loaded up an enormous amount of branches and hauled them home. It
helped with their cleanup, so everyone was happy.

Some of the branches are very large and would probably work even in G
scale. The smaller ones might work as background trees.

If you're interested, somewhere I have a couple photos of the trees
I've made and I can send them to you.