New Guy and Recommended Reading

Frank Frazier <cfrazier12@...>

Just found and join the group today. I was glad to find a resource
about the area of the country that I am interested in. I soon will be
constructing an On30 logging line based in what is now the Croatan
National Forest in coastal North Carolina. Logging and turpentine are
its reason for being. Goods will be hauled to the Trent River and the
logs will be rafted down stream while the turpentine will be loaded
onto a river boat. Both will be destined for New Bern, NC. My
primary source of info are "Looking for Longleaf" by Lawrence S. Early
and "Carolina Riverboats and Rivers" by Earl White. A web site with a
few good photos is

I would like to thank Don Hensley for this site and for Tap Lines!

Frank Frazier