McGowin-Foshee Lumber Co (Willow, FL)

Jim Herron

I'm interested in locomotives and equipment used at the McGowin-Foshee mill at Willow,
FL. Among their historical notes is a Lima engine number 4 which had a straight stack and
came from a "northern" company. I believe it was a 2-6-0. Searching the Lima records in
Eric Hirsimanki's book "Lima- the history", I found the following 2-6-0's that had a
number 4 applied:

Lima # 1025 Tallulah Falls no. 4 (Sold by Tallulah Falls Ry about 1910) but who bought it?

Lima # 1071 Natchez Ball & Shreveport no. 4

Lima # 1115 Chicago Memphis & Gulf no. 4

Lima # 1194 Ledbejeff & Co. no. 4

Can anyone provide histories on any of these locomotives? One of them may be the former
Willow engine.

The main locomotive at Willow was a Baldwin 2-6-2 and it was scrapped after the mill shut

Also, any other info on the Willow operation would be appreciated.

Jim Herron