Historical Library & Museum Closing - WE NEED HELP!!

Donnie Hensley <taplines@...>

Bad news from Bartow.
There is a lot of railroad related materials at the Polk County Historical Library.
I used to research it regularly back when I lived in Bartow and still visit it when I take my annual Florida vacation.
Please support them by sending emails to the county commissioners listed below.
Once its closed this history may be lost forever!

Joe Spann wrote:

Tuesday - 8 July 2008

Library & Museum Supporters:

This morning the County Manager's office has informed us that the Polk
County Historical Museum and Historical & Genealogical Library are NOT
recommended for funding in next year's budget. Unless something changes
this means that we will CEASE OPERATIONS on September 30th.

You can help us change this situation.

In the proposed budget for next year there is a unbudgeted surplus of about
$1.6 million. Within the next few days the Board of County Commissioners
will decide how to spend that surplus. With YOUR support the Historical
Library and Museum could be one of the operations funded from this surplus.

As an alternative, the Board of County Commissioners could also temporarily
fund our operations from the "Historical Trust Fund." Either of these is an
acceptable alternative to closing forever.

We are asking you to please take a moment and send a positive, supportive
e-mail to each of your County Commissioners, telling them about the VALUE
you place on our operations. The e-mail addresses are listed below:


Your voice is vitally important at this moment in history. Thanks!

Joe Spann - Library Manager
Polk County Historical & Genealogical Library
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(863) 534-4380
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