GC&P roster revised once more

Donnie Hensley <taplines@...>

Attached is a revised updated roster with info from Robert Brendel on earlier D&W engines plus various revisions and minor editing.

This is all leading up to a Gainesville & Gulf/Tampa & Jacksonville/Jacksonville Gainesville & Gulf roster.

One of the things I have been finding out is that the GC&P and the Tampa & Jacksonville were numbered in sequence with each other due to both being owned by Frederick J. Lisman & Co. of New York and managed by A DeSola Mendes of Savannah:
51-54 Early pre GC&P engines (1906) (in theory only as I have no proof)
55-60 T&J engines as renumbered in 1910 hostile takeover by Lisman.
61-67 new D&W and GC&P engines (1906-1913)
70-71 new GC&P engines (1914)
I'm not sure why there was a two engine gap at 68-69 unless there are a couple of other second hand engines we don't know about, or Lisman owned another road somewhere which used these numbers. I tried searching for other Lisman owned roads in the Southeast using a 1910 Poors but could only find his name associated with the Chesterfield & Lancaster and the Raleigh & Southport, but it looks like he was just a minor figure with both. The C&L numbered their engines in the 500 series while I can't find a roster for the R&S.
The T&J later on had a pair of engines numbered 70-71 (1922-1925) but this was after the GC&P ceased to exist though the T&J was still owned by Lisman until the Seaboard takeover in 1927.

You can now see why I had to do a GC&P roster first for my upcoming T&J roster, which I hope to have finish this weekend.


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