A Day on the Loping Gopher

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Russell Tedder has written a short 20 page coil bound book called "A Day on the Loping Gopher".
This fascinating book takes a detailed look at the train operations of a Southern short line on August 18th, 1954 that begins from 3:45am when the crew of mixed train # 1 & 2 were called and ends when the crew of #3 & 4 ties up in Live Oak at a minute past midnight. In between five crews, two switch engines, four extras, and six schedule trains handled 43 loads and 51 empties in a 20 hour period. This also includes it's sister road, the South Georgia's operations in Perry. Russell was the Perry agent at this time and would later become the dispatcher. Also mentioned is ACL and SAL in Live Oak and ACL in Perry.

This great booklet is available direct from Russell at $10 each plus $2 for S&H.
These are professionally printed and bound at Kinkos and Russell is pretty much selling these at cost.
He has 18 available out of an initial run of 50 so they will become a rare item one day.

If you want to see what real railroading was about, please run (don't walk) to your post office and mail a check to:
Russell Tedder
302 Fork River Road
Sherwood, AR 72120-5800

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