[southeastforestindustrymodeling] Re: southern pines


Several article have been written on trees that would be correct for the
south east .
An excellent source for tree trunks is a weed that grows along side
highways. It is called "Caspia"
(not sure of spelling). I pick it then lay it on the garage floor for a few
days, after the leaves fall off I spray it with Matte Medium then sprinkle on
flocking from Woodland Scenics then more Matte medium to hold it in place. I
have made them look like American Bald Cypress and others by selecting the
weed with a few branches or more for others.The weed can be tall enough for
almost any scale. The cost is great for the tree trunks FREE!
An old article was fun too. The roots from other weed make excellent tree
Just use you imagination next time you are out in the back yard.
One layout I helped build hade over 6,000 trees.
I always include a "Still" out in the woods and one of my trade marks is my
"Rural Facility",
Read Out houses.
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