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1886 there was JS Frink, JD Futen, JG Gieger & EP Smith.

1902 there was a TA Pilgrim in Jasper.

In 1907 there was the Jasper Mfg Co. with a 50,000 ft mill, standard ga logging RR(5 miles built and 10 miles contemplated) 2 locos, 12 cars, 60 & 30# rail, machine repair shop.

1910 name changed to Hamilton Lbr Co, 50,000 ft mill, 8 miles of logging railroad, 2 locos, 12 cars, 40# rail, 2 log loaders, electric light plant, machine shop, lathe, drill press, planer. Headquarters Jacksonville,

1911 - Hamilton Lbr Co same as above but with 15 cars.

1912 Hamilton Lbr Co., same, but the mill has been down graded to 40,000 ft, and the mileage is now 10 miles of logging railroad.

1917 Name changed to "The Hunter Co, Inc.". - Hdqtrs still in Jacksonville.

1920 Suwanee Cypress Co, ( Jax hdgtrs) 40,000 ft. mill, logging road, band saw, planing mill, edgers, trimmers, dry kilns, out put Cypress, Yellow Pine (long & short leaf) and Black Gum.
Also located in Jasper is the Gay Mfg. Co., planing mill, edgers, trimmers dry kilns, output was shingles.

1921 shows Suwannee Cypress and it looks like the Gay Mfg Co is now the Union Mfg Co. Also the Hunter Co. is listed again now with a 60,000 ft mill.

1924 shows Gay Mfg Co. again with a shingle mill and W.L. Peeples with a circular sawmill cutting 20,000 ft a day of cypress and yellow pine.

1928 shows only WL Peeples

1932 shows LM Hamilton with a sawmill and Maxwell Bros Inc. of Chicago who was a box maker.


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Joe Bartolini wrote:

Tonight my Public TV station broadcasted "Memory of a Large Christmas"
The author, Lilian Smith grew up in Jasper FL where her father ran a
turpentine mill and saw mill among other enterprises. For some reason
he lost these businesses and relocated his large family to their summer
retreat in the mountains near Clayton GA.
Can anyone here provide some background on the lumber industry in
Jasper, FL 1890 - 1915+. A quick Google search didn't turn up much, as
with a search of the FL Photographic Collection
(interesting search though).

Merry Christmas

Joe Bartolini
West Columbia, SC

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