Looking for Joe Jablonski

Donnie Hensley

I'm looking for Joe Jablonski, formerly of St. Petersburg.
He was an avid railfan and rail historian of the 1990's, who seems to have felled off the planet in early 1998.
I corresponded with him from 1992 until his last letter of December of 1997.
And visited every year between those times.
He was the vice president and may have been the president of the Tampa Bay Chapter of the NRHS.
He was a member of the ACL/SAL HS until 1998.
He may have hanged out with Joe Oates and Kurt Brinson.
He frequented the Happy Hobo.
I fear he may have passed away in 1998, and would like to find out his fate if possible.

Please contact me if anyone has any information on Joe.

Donald R. Hensley, Jr.
277 S Washington St
Waynesburg. PA 15370
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