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Donnie Hensley <taplines@...>

Also, I'm adding in some of my Lee Tidewater files in the Photo Album Section.

Donnie Hensley wrote:

Internet Explorer used to open them back when AOL and Microsoft were courting each other and AOL used the IE browser for their browser, but now they use Netscape.
So I tried Netscape 6 and Viola! she open up. So everyone go back to Netscape 6. I don't have the newest Netscape so I cant test that. Also Netscape 6 will not convert it to a jpg or any other file.
It will not open in any of the new Mozilla Browsers I have which Netscape is based on.

Kevin Hjermstad wrote:

They are still .art files. You might want to try this:

Kevin H.

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Sorry, but I still can't open them. Could you please refile them
as .jpg

or similar?

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