Re: [southeastforestindustrymodeling] southern pines

Bill Donahue

I am just about at the point on my layout (HO) where I am going to need
trees. Some of the new Woodland Scenics trees LOOK like they could represent
longleaf pine, but I have never seen them in person.

In the past I have made HO trees using shim shingles from the lumberyard. I
split the trunks off the shingles, so the base was about 1/4" square. I
planed the corners off the trunk to make it octagonal, then rounded the trunk.
Dragging a saw blade over the trunk gives bark texture. Stain comes next, then
drive a wire nail in the base as a mounting pin. I went to the craft store,
and got bundles of dried statis caspia (strawflower). Drill the trunk for the
branches. Cut twigs from the strawflower for the branches, spray on adhesive,
sprinkle on dried foam and glue them to the trunk. The process takes a while,
but you cant make a mistake.

Bill Donahue

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