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Bill Donahue

Filer & Stowell was a machinery manufacturer. A lot of their business was firefighting equipment. If you can remember them, there used to be fire alarm gongs high on the utside walls of buildings made by F&S. TheThere also used to be 'Siamese Connections' for fire hoses on the outsides of buildings, used to connect a fire engines' hoses to the sprinkler system inside. F&S also made Davenport locomotives. They also made Corliss steam engines, boilers, and sawmill equipment. The JW McWilliams/ Dowling & Camp Lumber Company in Slater, Fl used equipment made by F&S. I read once that they had a Davenport switch engine but I have never seen any more about it. I suspect F&S sold steam locos under their name and internal combustiopn locos under the Davenport name. Check "The Narrow Gauge Short Line Gazette " for back issues with drawings of F&S locos. Bill

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Hi All,

Recently saw a photo of a Filer & Stowell loco built for a SF McCary. It was definitely in the SE due to the Longleaf Pines in the background.

Can anyone identify this logger and areas of operation? Does anyone have a list of F&S locos built & customers?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Allen Stanley
Greer, SC

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