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Steven Holding


Very Nice.  Good job
Have you ever done anything with the German-American Lumber Co??
Steve in SC

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Subject: [southeastforestindustrymodeling] Florida Southern Railway narrow Gauge Web Pages


I've been working all week on the Florida Southern's narrow gauge web pages.
While not officially up, you can see previews at:
http://www.taplines .net/fs/fs1887. html
http://taplines. net/fs/fsroster. html
http://www.taplines .net/fs/fs1887. html
http://taplines. net/fs/palatka. html

I'm still adding pages and revising these pages.
Any comments, corrections and goof ups, let me know.

Donald R. Hensley, Jr.
277 S Washington St
Waynesburg. PA 15370

SE Shortline, Industrial & Narrow Gauge History:
www.taplines. net
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