Yahoo Groups Under Attack: Most Yahoo Groups Now Moving to groups.IO

John M. Fiscella

Because Verizon is no longer supporting Yahoo Groups, most Yahoo Groups will be moving to groups.IO.

The SDandA Group and the RRColorStds Group will be following the herd.

The transfer process is from the Groups.IO side and is automated. Members of these two Yahoo groups need not do anything to continue to get messages after the groups transfer, except not post to the old Groups or the new Groups until the process is complete. I will send an informative message to all group members when the transfer process is complete.

If you have the Group name in a browser bookmark or in an email address book in order to initiate a new message, it will be necessary to change part of the address name from to @groups.IO or add the new address names.

In order to upload new files or photos to the new groups, it will be necessary to add a password under groups.IO when you first attempt to upload. You can use the same password as used with the Yahoo group.

I would not immediately get rid of the Yahoo group address names, just in case it turns out that Yahoo offers improved terms and support after it sees the abandonment of all their groups. 1Gb is the storage limit for both Yahoo groups and groups.IO, but groups.IO can sell the list owner more than 1 Gb. If Yahoo decides to maintain their groups and offer more than 1Gb for free, that might be an enticement to continue to use it if they extend support. In the event that takes place, I will send an informative message to both sets of groups indicating which of the two groups you should post to.

John Fiscella
List Owner of SDandA Group and RRColorStds Group