2nd Sunday Crew Report for December 13, 2009

John M. Fiscella

Crew Present: John Fiscella, Allen Hudson, Bob Ippolito, Jerry Weisman.
Shane Pulido, Association member, also ran.
Special visitor: Jay Schwabe.

The layout ran well. We ran on DCC the entire day with no rebooting. There was no problems except for the shorting turnouts in El Centro and South Bay (which were previously reported). Statistics: 16 locomotives, steam and diesel; 9 trains running; 11 locos with sound systems; three lighted passenger cars. Up to 3 steam helper locos per train were used.

Jay Schwabe ran his Palomar mirror train as an extra. It fit thru all the tunnels with about 1.5 (scale) feet to spare. The train consists of a Santa Fe locomotive, the mirror flat car w/200" mirror, a box car for utility tools and a ATSF caboose.

The Motor-Vu drive-in movie of the day was "The Great Locomotive Chase" featuring Fess Parker.

Today was the 2nd trial of the SD&AE Timetable/Train Order Operating Session. Because we had interference problems with FM-wireless transmissions last time, we used a manual dispatching system with a dispatcher board located on the table opposite the ATSF yard and written track warrants handed to each train crew.

There were 9 trains running, 6 extras (freights) and 3 scheduled (1 mixto and 2 passenger). Some switching to make up trains was also done in the ATSF yard.

More people are acquiring car cards for rolling stock that is to be used for setouts/pickups. Next session we will try scheduled train setouts/pickups. Other op session features that will be progressively added in the future incluide multiple sections, additional extra trains and fire emergencies.

John Fiscella
Crew Chief