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Welcome to the Spokane DX Association, serving Eastern Washington and North Idaho an amateur radio organization serving Eastern Washington and North Idaho, dedicated to contesting and DXing.

To join the group we need your name and call sign.

Besides this Groups.io Group, we offer a website ( http://www.sdxa.org ) and are on QRZ.com under K7SDX.  We hold monthly meetings usually at various Spokane County libraries on the first Thursday of the month at 7 pm. Currently, because of CoVid-19 all meetings are on Zoom. Our monthly meetings include advanced topics and presentations from amateur radio experts.

By joining, the applicant agrees to abide by the rules set by the group moderators and owners.


Spam, racism, name-calling, vulgarity, religious or political propaganda, personal insults and/or verbal abuse will not be tolerated in this group at any time. Any member posting such material will be placed on moderated status, and is subject to deletion and banning.

SDXA User Group Suggestions on the Subject line 

1.   Make sure you make the “Subject” line match your message.
If your message is not about what the Subject line says, please change the subject line to match your topic.
2.  The “subject” line is extremely helpful for searching older messages.
·         Let’s say you want to find a “tree Climber”. If the subject line includes “Tree climber” it will be much easier to find. OR
·         Let’s say you are looking for a place to buy “Capacitors”. If the subject line includes this word, it will be much easier to find. 

3. The “Subject” line lets everyone know when it is a new subject

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