Welcome to the SDRPlay Users forum here at We are here to enjoy the world of SDR radio. If you are new to SDR radio please let us know. We can answer your questions or find out where your questions can be answered. We are a growing group. The more people we have the greater depth of knowledge and experience we have to help each other. Plus we have some folks that visit and answer questions as well. So, join now and talk about you equipment setup, ask questions or just read and learn. Most of all ENJOY the world of SDRPlay and SDRuno!

SDR is an acronym for "Software Defined Receiver" This is to provide a space where users of the SDRPlay wideband receivers can get together ask questions and provide support and information. This not a group that is owned or operated by the company SDRPlay LTD. This is not meant to circumvent the support you get from, but to be another place you my find answers to questions you may have. Tech Support members from, YOU are cordially invited to subscribe and post. You are welcome and asked to positively contribute for the benefit of other SDRPlay owners. There are many people that are new to SDR and I'm sure have many questions.At this time subscription is open. That may change in the future if needed. Be polite and Enjoy!  But! "flaming" will not be tolerated.

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