Trackwork repairs

Greg Elmassian

Well, it was a nice weekend and went to repair the last switch that
was not working.

I have Aristo SS switches. The throwbars on the turnouts are NOT UV

I remove the manual switch machines and hook up my air motors.

This exposes the end of the throwbar to sunlight, and as you can see,
it's very thin.

So they crack open and no motion.

It's a chance to also see how the underside of the switch is doing.
Normally the wiring to power the frog and/or the point rails past the
frog has completely corroded away. Also a good time to check the 2
screws that function as pivots for the point rails.

Well, this switch has been down for some time, so one of the screws
that attach the throw bar to the point rails was pretty corroded (and
they are all stainless!) so the head of it was trashed by the time I
removed it. Aristo is known for using cheap metal.

Got some more screws, lubed everything up, and put in a new throwbar
and bushings. There is a bushing in the throwbar and when you tighten
the screw down, it tightens against the bushing, leaving play for the
throwbar to move.

These parts are lifetime warranted by Aristo, so I would ask for
spares now if you have any of these switches.