Galloping Goose?

Greg Elmassian

I've been looking for a small DCC decoder to fit in my Berlyn "Casey
Jones" rail truck. I also have a small Accucraft loco that is a model of
the Casey Jr. train in Disney world, which is another tight fit. Click
to see "Casey Jones"

So I've been using the Casey Jr. as a test mule. I tried a Tsunami, but
it flipped out at my track voltage, which is nearly 24 volts. I built a
compact array of diodes to drop the voltage, but then the dang thing
overheats. Upon investigating, it seems the Tsunami's are famous for
not handling current.

So Zimo recently came out with a new version of their HO decoder, and
it's supposed to handle 1 amp, 2 amps stall. Since I already have the
programmer, I ordered one for the Casey Jr.

Lo and behold, it works fine! Also, now a "Galloping Goose" sound file
is also available.

So the following video shows the Casey Jr. loco with the Casey Jones
sounds! Click to see the video

(I have the decoder ordered for the Casey Jones now)