New TE from Aristo

Greg Elmassian

The new product is almost here, 100 people got an early shipment, and a couple of firmware changes have been made.

It's a nice step forward from the old Aristo TE that did speed and direction only. There were accessory receivers, but they only worked on a few of the 100 theoretical channels.

The new system has an advanced display, and more features like momentum, and consisting, but it is touted as a competitor for DCC and it's a poor stepchild in this comparison.

The consisting support has undergone several changes, and it's still not really right, in my opinion, but this is a comparison to DCC.

So on a 1 to 10 scale of functions available, where 1 is just speed control and direction, and 10 is all the functions you would find in a DCC system, the old TE is about a 3, and the new TE is about a 7.5 in my opinion...

A good move forward for Aristo, but risky, since the first release is a decoder per loco, quite a difference from their mainstream market where the trackside te powering the rails to an unmodified loco is supreme in popularity.

Regards, Greg

Greg Elmassian

There have some reports of teething problems with the new aristo system.

There has been an overheating episode on a SD-45, which should never draw over 3 amps. The TE decoder is rated for 5 amps with a 8 amp surge, and has a big heat sink.

The consisting capability is somewhat hampered by limited ability to match speeds for locos, there is a new firmware change that will let you offset one loco's speed plus or minus 25% over the range of speeds.

I don't think that is the right solution, but we will see.

Will keep you informed.