New slow motion switch machine from Aristo

Greg Elmassian

Aristo-Craft has come out with a "new" slow motion switch motor.

It is actually a clone of an existing product from Switzerland.

There are some interesting side by side pictures on the MLS forum.

After looking at all the pictures, if you are using these outside, my opinion is use the real ones, you can get them from Axel at Train-Li.

Regards, Greg

Greg Elmassian

More information. Seems that the Aristo clone is a poor clone.

Several gears that are brass in the original are plastic in the Aristo.

There is also a spring to create some "give" when the motor moves farther than the switch points do.

This is necessary in all designs.

There have been reports that the Aristo clone's spring has bent/lost it's spring. One report was from a very avid Aristo supporter.

So, my advice is buy the real thing.