Goodie from Queen Mary show: rerailer

Greg Elmassian

Last large scale train show I was at I saw a long piece of abs
plastic that was a "railer" for putting trains on the track. Looked
like a nice idea, but I said to myself "self, the wheels are real
big, so why do you need this"

Well, since then, I have put down a large test loop in the back yard,
and I can't tell you the number of times I have got down on my knees
to find I don't have the wheels quite on the track. Not a good idea
with DCC!! (shorts the track, and I have a 10 amp supply!)

Well, on my second lap through the show I found them again, at the
splitjaw booth. It is item #10332, called the E-Z Loader. $35 sounded
high, but it is a thick piece of gray abs plastic precision milled to
sit on 332 rail, one end straddles the rails and elevates the ramp,
the other end is milled to guide the trucks onto the rails.

Very nice for locos as well as cars. I put a picture in the photos


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