Soundtraxx - Tsunami update from Queen Mary show

Greg Elmassian

I stopped by the Soundtraxx booth. Talked to Nancy (I'll get her last
name) from Soundtraxx. I had called them about 2 weeks ago asking
about what the proper horn was for my USA Trains F3 units. She was
very helpful on the phone, knowledgable, friendly, etc.

So it was nice to meet her and introduce myself in person. We talked
a lot about the Tsunami. Here's a number of points:

(For those who don't know what this is, it is a DCC combination motor
decoder and sound decoder, with the 2 parts linked so the motor load
information gets passed to the sound decoder)

1. The back-emf issue. The motor decoder still uses back emf as I
posted in the gscale group. The patent garbage makes it so they
cannot put it in their ads. As I said before, and Nancy confirmed,
the concept of using back emf for motor control has been around
forever, but somehow a patent was issued.. It does not matter, their
decoder uses it, and most importantly it is the key to changing the
motor sound (and others) dependent on load. For me this is a big
deal, locomotives sound very different on and off load. Nancy
confirmed this info.

2. The decoders will come in G scale sizes, in terms of amperage, a 4
amp and a 8 amp. I would not recommend anything smaller in G scale.
In fact, the USA trains GP9, and some others can even exceed the
capacity of the 8 amp unit. You might have to use 2 decoders in these
units (the units have 2 motors in parallel, thus you could break up
the 2 motors, but it could have difficulties... more in a subsequent
post)... Nancy confirmed my opinion, that many modellers
underestimate the amperage of their locos... in short measure full
stall amperage, which can be WAY higher than the running current.
I'll expound more on this in a subsequent post.

3. Soundtraxx has never announced a delivery date. Unfortunately some
of their dealers have "guessed" and these guesses are sometimes taken
as an official Soundtraxx announcement. Nancy indicated that they are
hoping for August, there are some component delays, but as soon as
the components are there, they are ready for full production runs,
i.e. the floodgates will open. There is no waiting list, because they
are already geared for production, and it's so close.


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