Went to the Queen Mary show yesterday

Greg Elmassian

Drove up yesterday. Only took 1-1/4 hours from Carlsbad.

Got there right about 10am when it opened. Stayed until 3.

Made 2 laps of the show inside, and spent time at the outside

For those of you who haven't been there, it is in the actual ship.
It's freeway all the way there, easy trip. $8 for parking.

The exhibition hall is 3 stories inside, you enter on the top floor,
which is open in the center. The "big boys" are on this floor. One
floor down is more exhibits/dealers/manufacturers, and is likewise
open in the center. The bottom floor is "normal" and has the big
modular layout in the center, with a few exhibitors around the sides.

If you hang out on the stairways just above the bottom floor, you can
see the entire layout which is quite large. The layout is a big oval
with a smaller oval in the center that connects to the large oval at
each end. A small train runs in the center, and the large trains run
on the 2 outer ovals which have broad curves in the corners. The
outer loops ran passenger trains and longer freight drags.

There was everything from the Accucraft 1:20.3 narrow gauge engines
to an MTH Big Boy. Interestingly enough the MTH looked fine with a
string of Aristo heavyweight passenger cars.

There were passenger trains with USA trains aluminium passenger cars
and PA's or F units..

Overall the show was fine, but was hoping for more new stuff... Nice
to see the MTH actually on a layout, new roadrailer from Aristo, but
that was all I saw new.

I was disappointed with the layout inside. It's big enough to run
quite a few trains at a time, and an Amtrack 3 unit passenger running
mindlessly on the inside loop, and 2 trains running equally
mindlessly on the outer loops.

You would think that breaking the main lines into 3 blocks could do
it easily. I know that manning displays at the show is a pain, but I
think something could be done to run more than 3 trains on such a
large exhibit.

I did have a good time talking to a few exhibitors, which I will
detail in further posts.


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