All quiet on the Western front?

Greg Elmassian

Seems not much going on, very few new products in G scale.

Aristo Craft released and shipped the RDC-3, like the RDC-1, but now with clear windows and an interior.

Well, unfortunately, the interior is a cheesy, thin, molded floor with seats. Many of the seats are wrinkled or collapsed in several units I have seen.

The other stupid thing is that the Aristo socket is now up on the roof, so a whole bunch of wires run down the aisleway in the car, and then up to the roof, and it's all visible through the windows.

Why in the heck they could not have done this in the "baggage" area, and not in the passenger area is just beyond me.

To make matters worse, the original RDC-1 had the socket and room for a separate sound card on the underside, all that wiring was hidden and the socket a 30 second access. Now you have to remove 12 screws to open the body to get to the socket.

Oh well, that's progress.


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