The Big Train Show in Ontario

Greg Elmassian

I stayed overnight so I could do Saturday and Sunday.

This is the "old" Queen Mary show, which has been moved to the Ontario convention center for the last several years.

New this year is that the show is all scales. There were only about 10% of the vendors that were not large scale, but more than 50% of the layouts were not large scale.

The real news is that the Convention Center now "owns" the show, the promoter that previoused "owned" the show sold the rights to them.

There are some procedural changes, and some new rules, but overall the impact is a wash now.

I enjoyed the show thoroughly, and got an opportunity to talk to a number of the vendors.

Of note:

USA Trains will be delivering there center cupola caboose soon (non-extended version). They showed a relatively modern shorty covered hopper car that looked great, and a line drawing of an 89 foot (!!) triple decker covered automobile carrier.

Aristo had a tiny booth showing the new Revolution TE, and they were selling some stuff from the booth apparently.

AML (the 1:29 part of Accucraft) had a lot of plans for their new cars, and showed the 0-6-0 steamer, and the nice stock car with the proper bettendorf trucks.

See the MLS web site for more info.


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