more dcc!

Greg Elmassian

Got the 8 amp NCE D808 decoders installed in the USA Trains F3A and
F3B... ran a consist, really easy with the NCE controller pro...
definitely the nicest way to do this.

Want sound, but really want the sound to vary with the engine load.
Only a couple of ways to do this, either a motor decoder that outputs
the back emf data to a sound decoder or a combination motor sound

I was kind of stuck with the USA trains F units, since NCE only
warrants the 8 amp decoder with USA trains stuff... There are no high
current decoders that output the back emf data, Lenz makes a 1.5 amp
decoder that does this, using a serial interface called SUSI. There
are some SUSI sound decoders, but they are all european sounds as of

The Soundtraxx people will release the Tsunami combination motor and
sound decoder that modifies the sound based on locomotive load.. very
cool... even cooler, they plan for an 8 amp decoder!

OK so I'm a happy guy, just have to wait for a while...


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