New TE from Aristo

Greg Elmassian

The new product is almost here, 100 people got an early shipment, and a couple of firmware changes have been made.

It's a nice step forward from the old Aristo TE that did speed and direction only. There were accessory receivers, but they only worked on a few of the 100 theoretical channels.

The new system has an advanced display, and more features like momentum, and consisting, but it is touted as a competitor for DCC and it's a poor stepchild in this comparison.

The consisting support has undergone several changes, and it's still not really right, in my opinion, but this is a comparison to DCC.

So on a 1 to 10 scale of functions available, where 1 is just speed control and direction, and 10 is all the functions you would find in a DCC system, the old TE is about a 3, and the new TE is about a 7.5 in my opinion...

A good move forward for Aristo, but risky, since the first release is a decoder per loco, quite a difference from their mainstream market where the trackside te powering the rails to an unmodified loco is supreme in popularity.

Regards, Greg

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