Re: Update on Helix

Greg Elmassian

Thanks Stefan, it's hard getting yet another garden railways group
started. Am trying to post more often.

I intend the loop for down travel only. I might find though that
long trains will bunch up and derail. I did run a single F unit up
it just to see what happened. Seems to be about 5% or more grade,
will calculate it.

Another loop would make the clearance between the tracks too small
for the locos, need about 10" minimum plus the thickness of the
structure that will completely support the track.

For continuous running, since I run DCC, I might crank up the back
emf setting so that the train will run at constant speed uphill or
down, it can be done.

This is a shortcut to allow continuous running of shorter trains
while being able to see the whole train from the back yard.

It's the only non 14' diameter track in the outer loop. Eventually,
the track will go past this part, and then go out to the front yard,
where I can use 14' diameter to get it back to the other end of the

Regards, Greg

--- In sandiegogardenrailways@..., "Stefan Gerris"
<s.gerris@...> wrote:

Hi Greg,

Nice to see come activity on this list again!

Looking at the pictures, one would almost think the space was
especially for the helix ;-). Clearances seem to be just within

What I'm a bit worried about is the grade. It looks to me like it
is a bit
steep if you intend to use it "uphill" as well. If you add the
drag from the tight curve, it might be a bit much for an average
with an average length train (what's average in your case?). Have
tried this? Do you have room (heigth) for an additional loop? Or
elevate the stretch of track that is now on the floor in order to
out the helix...

But than again, maybe the picture is giving me a completely wrong
impression about the grade. Have you measured it (how much is it ;-
? )?
Maybe you'll have to fit a speedbump at the bottom to prevent
speeding =P

Cheers, Stefan

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