Re: Update on Helix

Stefan Gerris <s.gerris@...>

Hi Greg,

Nice to see come activity on this list again!

Looking at the pictures, one would almost think the space was created
especially for the helix ;-). Clearances seem to be just within limits,

What I'm a bit worried about is the grade. It looks to me like it is a bit
steep if you intend to use it "uphill" as well. If you add the increased
drag from the tight curve, it might be a bit much for an average engine
with an average length train (what's average in your case?). Have you
tried this? Do you have room (heigth) for an additional loop? Or maybe
elevate the stretch of track that is now on the floor in order to flatten
out the helix...

But than again, maybe the picture is giving me a completely wrong
impression about the grade. Have you measured it (how much is it ;-? )?
Maybe you'll have to fit a speedbump at the bottom to prevent speeding =P

Cheers, Stefan

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