Update on Helix

Greg Elmassian

Well, did my 3rd mockup on the helix.


The last picture show the rail sections joined with Split Jaw
clamps. Obviously more sturdy than the stock Aristo SS joiners. (and
more expensive!)

I rolled several long cars down the helix, looks like it might work.

And I ran a USAT F unit down, and back up under it's own power.

The diameter is 88.5 inches, and the clearance from the outer rail
to anything is 4.5 inches. That gives enough clearance for my
longest cars. The overhang king seems to be an Aristo heavyweight
passenger car, with the steps hanging down, it's those steps at the
very beginning of the car, and hanging out from the sides of the car.

My tallest cars are the USAT container cars, but they don't overhang
the most, because the car is a lot longer than the double stacked


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