Garden RR Progress - First loop of track

Greg Elmassian

I got my final approval from the homeowners association for my
landscaping changes.

First order of business, a simple loop around the back yard, sort of
a square, one side is an s curve on the edge of the patio (1 foot
straight between curves) the other 2 sides are in planters.

I am so happy I left the plants in 1 gal pots in the ground. 4
plants were in the right of way, and I merely pulled them out of the
ground. I shoved the cedar bark away from their new homes, and used
a post hole digger to make new holes, put the soil in the old holes,
covered up with bark again.

I have all stainless Aristo, except I need some 1 foot sections.
Used some old Aristo brass, connects fine.

I just laid out the sections and screwed it together. No track
planning software, nothing.

Took out the NCE system I put together, 2 alligator clips on the
track and away we went.


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