Inexpensive bridges for outside.

Greg Elmassian

I met the people at Econobridge: (but
seems the site is under construction) seems to

A series of inexpensive bridges, basically custom built to your
order. They are in Visalia, CA at 559-635-2889.

The bridges are made from square oak with "zigzags" bracing the sides
made of round oak.

They are not real fancy looking, not a lot of extra detail, but solid
construction, brass hardware, and they will stain or paint to suit.

They come in single, double, and triple track, and by changing the
height of the "Zig zag" bracing, your trains either ride inside or on
top of the structure, and if the bracing is half height, it's sort of
a "deck girder"... sorry I don't know all the right terms!

The very cool thing is that you get them up to 12 foot long straight
or curved. It's $20 per foot straight, and $30 per foot curved.
That's really inexpensive. They also make them in O scale.

I posted their "shiny sheet" in the photos section, until they get
the web site up.


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