Reminder: Special November SBE Meeting Today @ WGVU Studios

Mark Wittkoski





Today NOVEMBER 8th @ the WGVU Studios (12pm)!


WGVU Public Media

301 Fulton Street West

Room 117

Grand Rapids, MI  49504


Tim Hosmer from Comark will be presenting a high level view of the ATSC 3.0 standard and the advantages it will bring for broadcasters. This part of the presentation will touch on HEVC Encoding and OFDM Modulation. Richard Lhermitte will be providing a deeper look in the A/321 section of the standard, System Discovery and Signaling.


Sounds complex? Everyone is guaranteed to come a little smarter after the presentation.


Lunch will be provided so please arrive a few minutes early if possible. The Presentation will more than likely take 1:15min or so please factor this into your schedule.


Free parking is available in the GVSU Seward Lot Parking Ramp (Location #10 on the attached map). Please enter from Lake Michigan Drive. When you pull up to the Gate Attendant tell them you are here for the SBE meeting at WGVU. Please keep in mind this is a 5 min walk to the Eberhard Center. Sorry it’s the closet lot that was available. If you would like to park closer the Museum Lot is available but you’ll have to pay for that. Please remember any illegal parking on the GVSU campus will get you a $25 parking ticket.