Re: The Flyer Crawl?


I'm not sure about the others in these discussions at the Spree, but that seems to be about the speed that I understood to be the desire.   The folks with modern engines are quite happy with their performance, but of course the engineering and price are quite different.  I don't think that any or many of those in the conversations are  operating with DCC, TMCC, or other control system.  I use DC can motors, but I am among a minority as most use AC with the old Flyer transformers.  

I suggested DC and a modern MRC power pack made for G scale which is what I am using.  This allows for slower speeds and cooler motors during hours of running, but doesn't completely allow the locomotive to "crawl" like new ones can of course.  My 2-8-0 made form a junk box Flyer #343 does best, but has smaller drivers.  This was what started me thinking about gearing a few years ago as driver diameter is comparable with a car or truck's rear axle gearing being the "final drive" ratio.  Of course on real steam locomotives this is true as well as taller drivers made for speed and smaller ones for power.

However, this series has opened up a lot of new ideas and I hope the guys at the spree are reading them too!  I have e-mailed the ones who I have addresses for to follow this as well!

Stumpy Stone in Ohio

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