Re: The Flyer Crawl?

Thomas Stoltz

Stumpy wrote:   I have considered this before, but have not been able to do it, even with modern can motors.  I'm not sure DCC or other electronic controls are the answer, but perhaps it would be possible with them, though I have my doubts.

I have pretty
 much decided that the real problem is not voltage control or motors, but gearing and weight.



I have been in recent communication with Ken about PWM controllers for DC operation and I have been playing with a PWM LED dimmer.

Result: My SNS DC can motor converted K5 will crawl about the same as my AM GG1.  I also tried a 282 that I converted to DC with a full wave bridged rectifier (leaving the Flyer motor intact) and it will crawl, but not as slow as a can motor and requires higher voltage.  I find binding of the pistons to be a problem at slow speeds and most engines need to be ‘tinkered’ with a bit to get the pistons to cooperate.  Lubricating the pistons helps a lot.  Even AM steamers need to have their pistons adjusted to run real slow.

Flyer knuckle couplers will not close at slow speeds, especially with lighter cars.  Because of this I now use Kadee or Flyer link couplers.

Ken knows way more about PWM than I could ever hope to learn, but my memory is PWM will get ‘balky’ motors to turn at lower voltages.  The 3 pole Flyer motors are in this category.  I also think the Flyer transformers are very ‘course’ in varying voltage and don’t give you the control you need for slow running.  PWM controllers are extremely fine which allows for much smoother control.  I’ve even used everyday dimmer switches and found them to have better slow speed control than the Flyer transformer.

Tom Stoltz in Maine

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