Re: The Flyer Crawl?


Ken...  I run DC can motors exclusively, S& S and Timko, and I have been using a new MRC power pack designed for G scale trains.  The LGB locos start at about the same voltage as HO engines, so I figure I've got that covered too.  This combination has "tamed" Flyer locos into running very slow speeds, but they still reach a certain point and stall.  And yes, I have considered the huge current draw of the smoke units, so I have tried slower speeds with the smoke unit not wired.

The conversations at the Spree both involved wanting old Flyer to crawl across switches and "snuggle up" to cars in the yard for coupling without "damaging the load inside."  Many, but not all, of my HO and On30 locos will do this, and that was pretty much what the questioners wanted.  I just don't think the old engines can do it

That being said, there are quite a few guys in "Flyerland" who would still like to do it, and the discussions were left hanging because all I could produce is the theory of weight and gearing being the problem moreso than the motor.   However, the motor controller seems like it might be the answer and the cost to test one is certainly low enough!  

Thanks from myself and all those who want to do "The Flyer Crawl!"

Stumpy Stone in Ohio    

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