Promoting And Discussing Fine Scale Model Railroading in 1/64th (S) Scale

This S-Scale list is for discussion of model railroading in 1/64th (S) scale; both standard and narrow gauge. 
If you are already modeling in S scale or are a model railroader who is considering switching to S from another scale JOIN US! This list is one of the best sources of information on S scale available. Just introduce yourself after joining. Ask all the questions you want. We will take care of you! Once you decide to switch to S scale you will be one of our family. Joining the National Association of S Gaugers is HIGHLY recommended. Going to a NASG National convention is a great place for a newbie to "meet the people" and see what is available. See MORE S-scale at and in our LINKS section. Find Many Photos of S-Scale Modeling in our FILES and PHOTOS Sections.
This list is NOT for discussions about American Flyer and other toy trains. American Flyer only subject threads will be given a VERY short life before they are ended. However, discussions about aspects of layout building or trains that are common to scale and Flyer trains are welcome.
For 1/64th scale toy trains, including Gilbert/American Flyer, see the Yahoo "S-Trains" group;
NOTE: If you want to join this group you MUST sign your full name and send a brief note containing some model railroad knowledge. Your membership request will be rejected without it.

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