Shenware software contact - the software is still available!


Since Joe Fugate had been mentioned as a recommender for Shenware, and I knew him from when I lived in Washington state, I dropped him a note.  He did receive this information from Peter White of Shenandoah software.  Yes, the program is still available, and you can download a free 30 day trial, and then if you like it, you can pay the fee for it for the authorization to keep it going.  I hope this is of assistance to the folks who have been asking about Shenware.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Steve Prevette


Dear Joe:

We have placed an image of the CD on Drive.Google in case you need to download a copy.

The current versions of MiTrains 8.0.5 and Waybills 8.0.6 are in the CD image.

You can download it and install it now instead of waiting days or weeks for an actual CD to arrive. None of the CDs will be mailed out. I will rely on this method to deliver the programs.

This method has been verified by 6 users including John Brandt of Green Point NSW Australia.
So, It should work for you too. See if you can download the file SetupShenwareCD.exe:

Here is a step by step method to download (It is somewhat detailed for those not that familiar
       with computers).

1. Defeat any anti-virus program you are running as these may prevent the downloading.

2. If there are any popup windows saying things about Security, click "Run" or "Run Anyway".
    The file is too large, about 404.9 MB, for most Security checks for virus. Besides, the file
    has already been checked for viruses.

3. Put the following URL into your browser:
   (My sincere thanks to Jason Wilson of Austin Arkansas for helping me with this link!)
   A window will appear and remaining exposed until the Download is finished.
   Click on the SetupShenwareCD.exe icon to download the file onto your computer.

4. The screen will turn to black and a small widow appears saying "No preview available". Beneath
     that is a blue Button labelled "Download". Click the blue Button.

5. If you get a small white window saying "Can't scan file for viruses", ignore it.
    Click the blue Button saying "DOWNLOAD ANYWAY".

6. You then get a small standard white window entitled "Opening SetupShenwareCD.exe"
    Click the white "Save File" Button.

7. You then get a standard Save white window entitled  "Enter name of file to save to...".
    Near the bottom, where it says "File Name" you will see "SetupShenwareCD.exe" automatically filled in.
    Click the "Save" Button to start the downloading.

8. It will take while to do the downloading. You may click on the downward arrow on the second top line
    to the right to see the downloading process. It will turn to blue when finished.

9. Leave the window closed.

1. Double-click "SetupShenwareCD.exe" where ever your computer downloaded it to,
    to start the installation process.

2. When a small box opens called "Open-File - Security Warning", click "Run".

3. When a second small window opens, ensure the top Title bar is "Set - Shenware's MiTrains 8.0.5 Jan 23rd, 2021
    and Waybills 8.0.4 Nov 22 2020".
    If you want the programs to be put in another folder, change "C:\Shenware" beside the Browse button to any
    another folder on your computer. "C:\Shenware" is the default location to put in all data. button but you can
    put the programs and files in any folder or sub-folder on your computer. Click the NEXT  button.

4. The next Window to open is a list of the contents in the file.   
    They are:  4.1. FastTime - a variable rate clock
                   4.2. MiShops - Hobby Shops in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
                          If visiting a new shop, call first as many shops have closed;
                   4.3. MiTrains Inventory System (One of the two main programs);
                   4.4. Freight Car Pictures About 6,350 pictures of HO freight cars;
                   4.5. Powerpoint presentation of Car Cards and Waybills;
                   4.6. Scaler - convert linear measurements, any scale to any scale;
                   4.7. Tutorial for both MiTrains and Waybills;
                   4.8. Waybills - creates four cycle Waybills (the second of two main programs).
     Note: MiShops, FastTime and Scaler were programs I write when learning the language. They are included
              in case anyone wants to use them. They are yours even if you don't purchase the CD!
     Check the files you wanted to be installed.
     Click the Next Button.

5. The next Window creates icons on the desk Top.
     Check "Create a desk top icon" box. if you want the icon on the desk top and select the circle "For All Users".
     Click the Next button.

6. The next window shows a summary of what is to be installed;
    Click the Install Button.

7. The next window shows a bar box with a green line filling it as items are install.

8. The next window starts with "Completing the Shenware's MiTrains 8.0.5 Jan 23rd, 2021
     and Waybills 8.0.4 Nov 22nd, 2020 Setup Wizard" followed by a list of the programs installed,
     with square check boxes filled in.
    Clicking "Finish" will start executing the four programs.

9. Select The MiTrains Program. Open the Help menu and click on "About". It is the fifth line down.
    A white box should appear and say a little downward "8.0.5 Build Jan 22nd, 2021".
    If it does, you have successfully load the latest MiTrains onto your computer.

10. Do the same for the Waybills program. The Help/About should say Nov 22nd, 2020.
11. The cost of the CD image is $50.00 right now for anyone who has not already paid for it. If you like the
      programs and they fit your needs, your personal check for $50.00 mailed to Peter White works.
      DO ONLY IF YOU ARE A NEW USER! All upgrades are free!

     Note: You may write SetupShenwareCD.exe  to a CD if you wish to preserve it in case you get a virus
     or the C:\ drive needs to be replaced. Both MiTrains and Waybills will be in the 30 day free trial period
     in the SetupShenwareCD.exe file. We can grant another 30 day free trial if you need it!

     You may make additional CD's for friends and give it to them. Both MiTrains and Waybills are in the
     30 day free trial mode. Just don't give them the Registration Number because it removes the  30 day
     trial and makes the programs permanent. You paid for your copy, let others pay for theirs.
11. I am quite OK as far as letting a club use MiTrains and/or Waybills. I would suggest that one person
     be in charge of the Passwords and to enter engine and car data. That individual maybe you or another
     member of the club.

12. Have a coffee or tea whatever is your pleasure! You have been successful!

Please give me a call at 1-904-940-1566 (USA) if you have any difficulty or questions!

Warmest regards

Peter White
Shenandoah Software
1304 Paradise Pond Road
St. Augustine Florida 32092
nLoad Shenware's MiTrains and Waybills From Drive.Google